Funny job titles for housewives

Funny job titles for housewives

The finale has Mary Alice funnily explain the peaceful destinies of the housewives, Lynette remarrying Tom and finally landing her dream job as a CEO in New York, Gabrielle moving to California and becoming the host of a home-shopping TV show; Bree marrying Trip and becoming a legislator in Kentucky while Susan's destiny is left a bit on the dark, but with her children and granddaughter by her side. Great film and a sad reminder about how lazy today's pornographers are! Some of the other clips come from the Cinderella Video label of shot on video porn from the early eighties. Watch her chew up and spit out lovers better than any garbage disposal unit you may have had do they even make garbage disposal units anymore??? Lynette has, among other things, had a plethora of uncontrollable children who constantly make her life even harder, was shot in a hostage situation after finding out her husband has a love-child, is diagnosed with cancer and once cured from cancer there is a tornado which buries her family in rubble, then framed for abuse by her stepdaughter, then a whole load of personal hell Marilyn Chambers and the Mitchell Brothers again.

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Funny job titles for housewives

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