Tucson joke family guy

Tucson joke family guy

Peter and Lois take a helicopter tour of Tucson in " Boopa-Dee Bappa-Dee ", where they observe things such as numerous boats without water nearby, an all-concrete park, two dogs tied to each other, a possible long-haired lawyer and students running for their lives. So, of course, that meant the next scene had Peter walking into a room with a sign that said "Welcome to Tucson," followed by the sight of several slack-jawed and summer-toothed simpletons punching each other in the junk while giggling. I'm just surprised at the overabundance of them, as well as the fact that none have been in reference to the modern streetcar. From what I can gather, there's no overt reason for MacFarlane's raging hate boner for Tucson, but there's got to be something to it. Tucson is the second-largest populated city in Arizona behind Phoenix, which both anchor the Arizona Sun Corridor.

Tucson joke family guy

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