Jacob schoen funeral home

Jacob schoen funeral home

Raymond Sauvant it was without improvements — giving further evidence that the grand sprawling mansion and stables were constructed during the Tanneret period of ownership. When, in , Pierre Emile Tanneret purchased the property from Dr. The building, as it stands today, is stylistically aligned with its renovation. In , when the building transitioned stylistically, it also transitioned in function, going from an impressive single-family residence to a modern and state-of-the-art funeral home. Subscribe to our newsletter for insider access to PRC news, events, involvement opportunities, and more! So, due to the concerns of neighbors who would rather have the building occupied by the dead than by the living, the property remained within the hands of a funeral business when it was sold to the Schoen family in While researching the building for the feature, it became apparent that the building and the Schoen family business had far more stories to tell.

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Jacob schoen funeral home

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