Co op simple funeral

Co op simple funeral

Oddly, the Co-op also seem to promote embalming in all but their most basic plan. Bringing the deceased into our care outside office hours Embalming Additional transport for the funeral Third party costs Certain parts of the Simple Funeral option can be tailored to suit your preferences, however some limitations may apply. The costs of the funeral At the time of arranging a funeral you will receive a fully itemised written quotation. Please make your own mind up! They are basically designed to cut costs by using cheap time at crematoriums or burial grounds when the family may not be able to conveniently attend on the day or time — perhaps 8. Once the refund comes back, it may be swallowed by care fees and your family still left to pick up the bill. Recognising that many people may struggle to meet funeral costs, the campaign first launched a pledge calling for the support of funeral directors to tackle this issue in

Co op simple funeral

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Heather Kennedy discusses next steps for their Fair Funerals Pledge

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