Double meaning joke msg

Double meaning joke msg

Given this diverse evidence base, dietary guidelines need to be based on comprehensive reviews of the totality of the evidence, assembled and reviewed according to agreed protocols to reduce the chances they may be affected by personal opinion or other biases. Yet, nothing is stopping them from adding ingredients that contain MSG. This is the title on a Report which comes up with 10 key points, the first two being particularly controversial: In Eltjo Haselhoff wrote a comment on their article, pointing out a couple of serious errors and arguing that crop formations were created by a point-like or spherical source of radiation rather than a plasma vortex. Virtually no research has been carried out to show the impact of recommending a very low carbohydrate diet to the general public. He also exposes the total fraud of so-called "gene discoveries" that ridiculously claim genes have been discovered for things like gay-ness or intelligence: A British nutritionist, John Yudkin, at the time tried to prevent such a policy and to shift the blame to sugar and refined carbohydrate, but was pilloried by Ancel Keyes and the establishment.

Double meaning joke msg

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